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Report - St. Johns Lunatic Asylum Lincoln 03/2010



St john's Asylum also known as Lincolnshire County Lunatic Asylum among other's was built in 1852 and been Enlarged on several occasions, the hospital was originally set in 120 acre's of grounds which included gardens farmland and a burial ground the hospital finally closed in 1989 and is currently under redevelopment most of the interior is stripped away but there are still some interesting feature's to be found. About 5 hours into our explore we got busted by security but for a change he was cool invited us into his office for a brew and a chat .His name is Mick and he has given me his mobile number and has ask me to relay a message to urbex,s he says he would rather know who is on site so if you want to ring him to arrange a legal visit p.m. for his number he also said the building is asbestos free.Please ring in office hours only.mick also told us that a certain pop star from the eighties has just made his comeback video at St. Johns not nameing any names but he had a big hit with cars amoungst others in the eighties......




























This is the only original remaining key

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