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Report (Permission Visit) St Johns Water Tower Demolition


There was a story by the late great Blaster Batts, when a press photographer asked him where was the best place to stand to take a picture of a falling factory chimney. Blaster placed a matchbox on the ground and says, it will fall well short of here and you will get a good shot of the inside before it collapses.. 'well short' to Blaster was about 6 feet! [before health & softey of course]

The story goes the snapper shat himself & forgot to remove his lens cap as well - Told a good tale did Blaster.

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I wish they had renovated this site and kept the tower as a landmark, now I drive through the village and don't even realise I've gone through it! I agree though, development needs finishing. Trawling through gutted corridors isn't nearly as interesting, as anyone who's been to Rauceby multiple times will tell you.


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Whats the current state of St Johns? Has the main hall bitten the dust too?

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