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Report - - St Josephs Care Home, Cardross'shire?, 29-2-08 | Other Sites |

Report - St Josephs Care Home, Cardross'shire?, 29-2-08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Third site, but the first intentional one on our I hate scotland roadtrip.

In attendance, Shepy, Sonorg, Markus, Myka and myself :)

Driving thru the front gate we thought we were maybe in the wrong place, as a very current looking sign was still haning out the front gate, albeit with a different name on it (lochwinnoch day care for the elderly), but no, we were defo in the right place!

This was quite a bizarre explore, as just 125m away was the current and still VERY open day care with cars pulling up all the time.

We quickly made our entry and had a little wonder about before shooting.

Inside is bad in most places, from the little info I have on the place it may not have even been derelict for 4/5yrs, probably less! Just the damaged roof (lead theiving) and scottish weather had destroyed most of the internal floors and plasterwork. The floors are still in place, but won't be if you stand on them.
IN some places the building is three stories high, with the main staircase being very grand and overly ornate, however didn't get any pic's as we were quite rushed after sure we had been spotted thru a window.


the frontage, hall to the left, admin in the middle, and the sandstone building was wards/ private rooms.


back corridoor to the chapel at near end, and canteen at far end.


why make things hard for yourself when you can just use the front door :p


in th chapel, not sure what 'type' of church this was, but it *did* have plenty of bling back in the day, and no less than 6 side altars, 4 of which have been badly robbed.


the best remaining sidealtar, from the fact its still in one piece, suggests this was the least fancy/bling altar.


mosaic detail


remains of memorial plaque casing's, the brass plaques have probably been stolen, hence the smashing, if they'd been moved to another church doubt they'd have been smashed like this.


shepy @ rest


brickman @ play :D


there are little tiny symbols carved into the marble altar top.
there was also somebodies camera to the left of the phone inc a reflection, but my new found photoshop skills made it go away :p cheers shepy :thumb


roof plasterwork, despite the doors and windows been smashed in places, and no heat, the chapel is actually in really good nick!


organ, only an electric one, but still.


moving down the corridoor to the canteen I found dora the urban explorer :cool:


kitchens, very small, but very complete! the only mess was from decay and soggy plasterwork. Almost everything was still in its place, including three whole shelves of china cups that were UNSMASHED :eek::) clean too!


sink, not so clean


ah, more wheelchairs! THere were dozens literred througout the site!


one of th front day rooms, right next to front door, so clients would have seen this thinking the rest was just as nice, th reality was not quite so lush.
each of these chairs held a mini swimming pool of mouldy water with icebergs made of rotton plaster!
That boss in the middle prob weighs around 20-30kg now that its wet, and theres nothing really holding it up! Hardhats are advisable, even if just to keep the mouldy water out of your hair.


front door, last bit of really nice plasterwork that survives in any good state.


theres something attractive about mouldy filling cabinets! (thinking back to the fantastic examples in doxford ship offices, sunderland)


a felt badge about 6" square, probably made by a 'client' dated 1985, possibly celebrating 100yrs of activity.


the keys the keys! I spent way too long in here poking about and trying to get a good shot of some keys! Virtually the entire set was there, on the floor, on the table or on the rack. including clocking in cards and a renault van key!



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: St Josephs Care Home, Cardross'shire?, Report, 29-2-08


mmmmm, keys


polaroids of chairs when they were new, or could have been taken by the administrators when they closed?


a typical bed.
I never got to go upstairs, as I'd spent so long poking around in the side rooms, whilst th others got to go thru a whole load of other rooms, and some of th other floors, anybody thats met me knows how long it takes me to explore rooms with stuff in them :eek:


the new name of the current care home, some research shows they can only just take 18people, wheras Josephs explored here could maybe hold 50-80?

Not a bad explore, although looking at 'looking glass's report from just 8months ago the site has got in a very very very bad way in a short space of time, 6months ago it was very salvagble, now it would have to be entirely gutted to the shell and rebuilt to be of any value.

Shame as its a nice building