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Report - St Josephs College - 27/10/06

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with The Riddlers.

After we left High Royds, we stopped for an explore of this place, as found by Lillimouse and reported by Spook, BenWRX and co.

I was thinking "six hours to explore a college, yeah right, you're taking the piss", but this is a long explore. Take lunch with you because you can spend all day in there.

Starts off from the access point as quite boring but then POW you hit that stairwell and things get good. You just don't know what's behind the next door. It could be a bath, a bedroom, a chapel or a library. The fixtures and fittings are old and of high quality. The only thing bad about the building is the roof is failing. Apart from that, it's mint by our standards.

The highlights. The small chapel with the confession booth. The library with its' crazy ladder and latin books. The observatory, with the lights still working. The study room (?) with the statues.

Anyway, at one point we went up to the clock. I hadn't seen the site report and thought we were going for a clock first, until I saw spooks cool message. Not to be outdone, Ridds wound the clock up, only he didn't wind the clock, he wound the bells, and fuck they are loud. Anyway, we broadcast these to Dweeb as he's our in-house clock lover, and stopped them from chiming. But then we thought stuff it, wound them up all the way and let them ring away.

DOING DOING DOING DOING DOING at least a dozen times while we were legging it away.

A great trip, get in there while you can, it's getting converted soon.

1) Ridds


2) The statues on the balcony


3) The window in the small chapel


4) The small chapel


5) A stairwell


6) A residential room


7) A residential room


8) The closest I could photograph a little statue


9) A large room, unsure of purpose.


10) The spiral staircase in the library.

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