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Report - St Josephs college seminary(22-10-06)

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
First a huge thanks to BenWRX and Spook for taking Snake and me around this place. It is absolutely mind blowing, every door you open makes you gasp with amazement. On one ocasion I walked into a big dormitary and started to express my amazement in my usual, uncouth way and had to chage it quickly to "ffflipin' heck" when I saw a statue of Jesus right alongside me. :eek:

We were in there for about 5 hours and it wasn't long enough, my photos are not as good as what has already been posted so i'll just put up a few of the more interesting ones.


Ben in the loft.


The tallest, noisiest, wobbliest spiril staircase I have seen.


Chimney shot.


Fantastic old shower and a bath you could swim in, I really want one of those.


Fireplace in one of the residential suites, this is typical of the quality of parts that would not even be on general view. This would be a joy to sit in front of with a nice fire burning, and the last resident gets himself an electric fire. :confused:


Bells hanging inside the clock tower.


Clock mechanism, it still works, we know because Spook wound it up so it'll be running for a week or more now. :D
The chimes had run down and Spook was planning on nipping back and winding those up just before we left, as it was we left a bit more hurriedly than we'd intended.

Security turned up with dogs while we were there, fortunately Snake spotted them so we hid in an attic room until they left. We then moved onto the ground floor for a very brief visit. We can now confirm beyond doubt the entire ground floor IS heavily alarmed, it DOES work, and it is VERY VERY LOUD. My last words in the building were "that sensor just flashed..............."

A day I'll never forget. :D :D :D :thumb

I had an amusing thought on the way home, when security report on the "intruders" it'll be,

Did they take anything?
Did they damage anything?
What did they do?
They wound the clock up.