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Report - - Tameside Hippodrome, Ashton Under-Lyne, Apr 19 | Theatres and Cinemas | Page 2 |

Report - Tameside Hippodrome, Ashton Under-Lyne, Apr 19

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Staff member
Was never going to last that one, although Facebook and insta postings were never gonna help either :banghead

Wonder what the future holds for that place, be a shame for something in so good a condition to end up being pulled down for apartments/offices and I don’t think Ashton needs another spoons :rolleyes:


g00n Buster
Staff member
Cheers everyone, it is a proper beauty. Quite pleased with the shots too considering how dark it is. Might be able to get the power on if you start banging fuses in.

Camera Shy sent me the pic. It was Urbandoned, Tracy explores and Rik Cotteril who were being rumbled. It's funny because it's one of them who told me about it after seeing a pic of it on instagram. LOOOOL

It's a bit bait the access so gotta time it right. Doesn't look like access has been burned though so should still be a goer if you're cute about it.

As Ojay says. "Oh, Dear"



Exploring with Bob
28DL Full Member
Excellent stuff chief! It was absolutely fucking worth it for the Hippo alone and if you ask me, that's why there's so much police activity; protecting it's legacy. But that was a fucking cracking explore even without the hippo. #Pr0j3ctorz!

Nicely done dude :)