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Report - Tempelhof Airport, Berlin - April 2013


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On a recent trip to Berlin, a bit of light googling revealed that you could go on tours of Templehof airport. Being interested in the war and aviation I decided to see what it was like... Rather amazing!
There were some places I didn't take any photos of, including (rather stupidly) the tunnel they built Stukas and repaired FW190's in! Anyway;

Here's some shots of the check in/arrivals, originally the Nazis had the floor lowered and the ceiling higher however this was changed in the 60's when it was rebuilt. Still an imposing place!




Then we moved to the apron and there was a DC4 out which belongs to the Technik museum. I's hard to get an idea of scale, but in this picture I was pretty much stood in the middle of the crescent, which is 1km from end to end.


After this and after traversing a maze of service tunnels and several lifts we hit what the Nazi's would have had as an impressive ballroom, unfortunately the americans had other ideas:


After this we then burrowed our way back into the depths of the building and went down into the bunker (2.9m thick roof, same as Hitlers) built to house the Nazi's aerial photography library. Unfortunately a large fire broke out down there, no one knows how but the russians were occupying the airport when it happened.





Thanks for looking :)