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Report - The Arches on Pottery Lane Newcastle

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Its a while since i went in here and have been meaning to put some pics up finally got round to it. The arches have seen many uses over the years lots of different business's i think a new firm have just recently moved in. It had been empty for a while and now appears pretty much sealed up. Its a huge underground site almost like a maze easy to get lost in and in bad condition in places it sits underneath what was the old forth goods station still used by network Rail today. A few pics to look at some not too good as no tripod was used.




The architecture was very impressive


This was typical lots of archways and rooms

also the place was full of rubbish lots of areas like this in some places it was piled almost up to the ceiling

This little tunnel ran into a dead end with a shaft leading up to the top i assume coming out in side network rails forth yard.

Amazingly i came accross this little beauty i reckon it might need the tax renewing.

And this was a surprise too. Anyone know a good piano tuner for hire.


Hope these are of interest especially those of you who have ever wandered along Pottery Lane and thought what was inside the arches. I think its been cleared recently inside as i did see workmen in there not too long ago, its massive inside if ever you get a chance get in there it really is worth a visit.