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Report - The Big One (Pepsi Max) - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - 11/11


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Millhouse / Gone / Morse / Sho

We’d been putting this off for ages now, but after throwing a few ideas about The Big One came up once again. We decided we had a perfect opportunity to hit this up, as the park was closed for a week or two. Upon arrival we referred to our highly detailed map, planning the best route in and through the park to the Pepsi Max cans - the start of the Big One’s ascent. We made our way around the perimeter, found our spot, and were in fast. We sneaked through the dark grounds, dodging around and climbing over various rollercoasters and rides until we were stood at the foot of the Big One. We hadn’t yet been disturbed so up we shot. The stairs were awful - they’re really shallow and seem to carry on forever. But upon arriving at the top - with the wind whistling loudly through the structures of the coasters - the feeling was mental. sat at the peak looking down the sheer drop. What a buzz.



The Big One is a steel rollercoaster measuring 5,497ft. (1,675 metres) in length, and peaking at 213ft. (65 metres). It was built by Arrow Dynamics, and was sponsored by Pepsi. The drop from the peak is at a 65 degree angle, and 205 ft. (62 metres) down. The top speed of the ride is 74mph, and riders experience forces of up to positive 3.5G and negative 0.5G. When it opened on 28 May 1994, it was the tallest, fastest and most steep rollercoaster in the world.

Only a week after opening 26 people were injured when the computer system failed to completely stop a returning train at the station, causing a collision with a loaded train waiting at the station. Later in August 2001, 14 people were injured when two trains collided due to another failure of the braking system.

We had a sit down at the top while we got shots, and while Morse got some Marks & Spencer catalogue pose shots of himself.

To Quote Sho:
“Life is a rollercoaster” “I need to get off this ride”

Our access map:

By Morse





A bit of dicking about on the way out


Off the rails... :rolleyes:


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Nice write-up millhouse..:thumb

It was great to finally get round to doing this and pull it off, didn't really sink in till afterwards.




Bibs props..:D


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