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Report - - The Coal Valley (Power plant, mines & more) - Spain (January 2022) | European and International Sites | Page 3 |

Report - The Coal Valley (Power plant, mines & more) - Spain (January 2022)

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Final part (for now...) of this thread: the laboratory of the power plant. It was tucked away in a building with almost no windows, some vandals have been there but overall it's fairly well preserved... lots of glass cabinets, a couple of complex-looking machines and for me the nicest thing, a cupboard full of coal samples from different mines/ power stations from all over Spain. (Pics on auto mode with flash, was a bit lazy that day and I am too now to edit them, sorry guys!)






A little bonus: near the lab we found this, some sort of fan/blower made by Triumph, with the same lettering as in the motorcycles...thought it was cool!


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