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Report - The Guildhall Massacre, Hull June 09


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"At either end of the great colonnade on Alfred Gelder Street the building rises into two enormous plinths on which rest two larger than life allegorical sculptures known together as the Daughters of Neptune. At the east end of the building is Strength, represented by Britannia in a chariot drawn by lions, at the west end is Maritime Prowess, who is drawn by sea horses. The sculptor was Albert H. Hodge."

Ok, Let me set the scene. So forget with me for a second (And no longer - "This should always be remembered") that in the picture there is a very Jolly Roger flying at full mast courtesy of Mr. Squirrell911...

Once upon a time in a land very close, before anyone ever named the sport 'Urban Exploration' and way before Squirrell was even... 'Made or thought of', a wonderful man named Sir Edwin Cooper designed this building so Mr. Squirrells dreams could inspire all men everywhere...
As posted by Bunk3r mentioning the tip off, and considering the long term contemplation of such a task, it had all finally become a reality beyond dreams. With a little preparation we were on our way.


Upon performing the entrance procedure a realization of this building being previously 'Defeated and marked' at least twice within the last few days caused a sudden 'Heat' to emanate from the building itself as it was very Hot property indeed!

Is it a Crime or not? :confused
I will now lay out for you the case as it stands and present 'Exhibit A'.

An immediate calm rushed through our bodies as we turned to see the incredible Maritime Prowess, realizing this Explore was a little different...


'Exhibit B'

Checking my footing, and a feasible fall area if anything did go wrong, edging out as far as I dare and while running solo because Bunk3r was being attacked by birds I managed to achieve this shot. 10 second delay is nothing while scrambling from camera to building edge.


'Exhibit C'

"Holy Smokes", exited the mouth of Bunk3r as he stood upon the chimney stacks :popcorn staring towards the next magnificent obstacle that had to be attacked!
No not the courthouse, (Although... :rolleyes:) That would be a crime!


'Exhibit D'

After I had my way with Neptune’s daughter I let Bunk3r up for memories sake, only to look up and see him bare back on the chariot pulling lion, :eek: however no good fairytale comes without a happy ending... Bunk3r was able to steer us to safety and we all lived happily ever after, fit and well for many explores to come!


So the Case is set and the conclusion boils down to logic...
The only crime that could have been committed would have been to not follow through with the wonderful plans...

Verdict; Not Guilty!
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