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Report - The Madison, Canary Warf, London - December 2019


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"Finally at floor 27, we're halfway there mate!"... Oh what I would've given to fast forward up to floor 54...

It had been an exceptionally lengthy evening in London, and despite successfully accessing all other locations that myself and @James Cross had planned, we simply couldn't resist stretching our luck just that little further...well, 600ft further.
It was well-known to us that The Madison was one of the few remaining buildings in the Canary Warf district without an injunction, and with the sense of achievement still fresh in our minds from the night's previous missions, we decided to give this immense 54 story glass giant a crack.
After arriving at Canada Water Tube, we began to make our way towards the all too familiar looking security fencing that surrounded the site. However, by the time we'd finally arrived it was already pushing 2am, and with our hands numb from the cold, our eyes misty and clothes dampened from the relentless rain, it became very tempting to call it a night, but with nothing else on our minds than the desire to conquer the Madison... we persevered.

In failing the first attempt at gaining entry to the staircase, we thought it best to attack from a different angle, and after seeing a distinct lack of activity coming from the security office, we decided to go for it, all whilst trying not set off any of the sensors, or alert any of the infrared cameras they'd rigged the site with.
Once inside, and having evaded detection, we began a somewhat arduous journey up 54 flights of stairs, and after half an hour or so of sweating our way up to the roof in our rain-soaked jackets, we'd made it.
I can say in full confidence, that this was by far one of the most surreal experiences I ever had, being simultaneously above and among the clouds really did bring home the sheer height we'd reached, and made every other structure that I could faintly make out in the midst of the fog seem minuscule.

With that being said, the low cloud, the bitter cold, our point of entry and some of the photos we'd captured made getting home at Half 5 in the morning all worth it. Once again, many thanks @James Cross for letting me borrow your tripod ;) oh! and the lift back :))





3. (Cheers @James Cross for snapping this one)



















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And the lads did it again, wow what a height. Love your determination, and love your work. Glad you cracked it this time. :thumb


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Fair play - most are understandably put off doing high stuff around here these days with it being injunction central and all. Much win!
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