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Report - The Majestic Picture House, Portsmouth - June 2011


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Information on this building is hard to come by - the three of us who explored it (myself, RobbieKhan and AnotherMansCause) have found very little. We found letters inside which gave the closure date as 1st April 2010. They have a chain of clubs and classes; a visit to http://www.enska-karate.org/index.html will give an idea of what services they will have provided here too.

From the outside the architecture gives the impression that it was a cinema at some point in its lifetime. The labels on the walls upstairs pointing to 'projection rooms' confirm this, as do the ornate period decorations. Downstairs has a bar area and is particularly trashed but the former screen/dojo upstairs is in better nick.

Well we've not seen anything from inside here posted before, so this is more of a mini-report due to having the explore cut short by a bizarre and frightening run-in with undesirables, with a view to getting more photos at a later date. I'm sure the other guys will add their stuff soon!

Ornate ceilings throughout upstairs.


Up to the projection rooms.


Through to the former screen.




Still some equipment left around :)


It's at this point we heard voices and people getting access downstairs. We bolted and came face to face with them. However they didn't flinch even when we were two metres away, torches shone on them... they sat there cross-legged on the floor, crouching down, hands over their faces, unmoving...

Not wanting them to lunge suddenly and shank us, we made our escape!

It's a really great building with pretty stunning decor inside :)