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Report - The (NED) Kelly House - Beveridge, Australia 2009

Big Reds

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For those of you that dont know.. Ned Kelly is the famous bushranger that roamed the hills of Victoria and NSW robbing banks and evading the police.

This is one of the first home's the kelly family lived in when they immigrated from Ireland and the apparent place where Ned Kelly was born.

The house itself was built 1860-1863, and illustrates the lifestyle of the Irish smallholders from whom he sprang. It also features minor architectural interest, including elegant iron grates (hmm i think they've gone) and wood-grained ledges and braced doors. Sounds pretty basic and it is!






I've been going to see this house for as long as i can remember and you'd think the government would do something to save it from turning to dust.. considering who lived here and all.. but hey :banghead