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Report - - The Power Station - NGTE Pyestock - 31/5/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - The Power Station - NGTE Pyestock - 31/5/08

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Last year, after a hard, yet awsome days exploring we had one building left to check out on our map. Out of all of the buildings on the map the one simply named 'Power Station' stuck out like a sore tumb to me. If you asked me what my ideal explore would be a powerstation would probalbly be the jist of it!

Entering the building through the first convenient open doorway it maybe seemed like a bit of a let down.. After the mighty Airhouse, from the ground floor atleast, the building seemed rather small and uninteresting. Me and Dab quickly made our way up the stairs keen to get the place done and head home. The front of the building was no better, just a few offices, pretty stripped out, nothing much to see untill suddenly, at the end of the coridoor i catch the unmistakable glimps of green that could mean only one thing!

I make a bee line stright to the end, through the doors into the glass walkway. It was emmense! why had i not seen pics of this surely this place had 'been done' many times? We definatly wernt the first explorers to grace the NGTE!

Fast forward a year and a half and im back again.. This time the feeling is alot differant, security are sitting a few yards from the building in thier make shift portakbin home come dog kennel compound but that must be put the back of your mind for a while, there is a mission afoot...!


The view that graces you, the newest thing in the whole room is that phone! even the drawers are full of 1960s documents and electrics catalogues


The desk, stained from condensation dripping off the glass brick skylight above.


Walls covered in buttons and switches


Reactor 1 and 2? i still dont relly know what it refers to..


Healthy Trip! too right


I felt it nessicary to have a 'clear up' 2nd time around, it wasnt quite the same with all the draws open and stuff scattered all over the desk!


A little bendy


Too the right of the desk a doorway leads around the back of the panels...


into this maze of switchgear and spare parts.


Heading back across the top floor passed this...


you find yourself on the top floor of the turbine hall, the single Parsons generator looks a little lost in the big hall on its own


Fortunatly it is joined by this magnificant little beast! I felt like i was on a ship for a second there!


Only one final thing to do, climb that crane!

And thats why i like it, what do we look for when exploring? untouched for ages, mint, interesting, unique places! well this is it for me!