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Report - The Telmere Lodge, Chesterfield, Derbyshire – September 2019


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The History

The Telmere Lodge (or just The Lodge as it was known in its latter years) was a public house in the village of Hasland in Chesterfield. It appears to have closed its doors in 2017 and there is now planning permission to demolish it and build houses on the site. The place is fairly large with a decent size function room, a couple of flats upstairs and a sizeable garden. The food here was apparently pretty good and it was most famous for a fish & chips dish so large it was called ‘The Codfather’.

The Explore

Visited after a rather strange look around at Dobroyd in the morning, then about 6 fails in a row in Sheffield. I stopped off in Chesterfield on the way back home for a quick blast around here. The upper floors while large, have the usual metal theft and idiot damage. The ground floor was in better condition had a very strange Alice in Wonderland theme throughout which gave the place a bit of character, so I thought it was worth a share.



A couple from upstairs



Downstairs into the bar







Wooden pegs for the casks


Thanks for looking!​

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:thumb Looks like a good mooch, strange Alice theme there, with the bar and Queen of hearts suite, very odd, seems un keeping with the rest, especially with a nick name the Codfather lol. Nice find. :cool: I wonder how old this building is.


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Don't leave it to long mate they have dumped a load of new stone around it and like work is going to start soon

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