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Report - The Works Drain - part fail - Feb 2012

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I wasn't going to post this as it didn't end well but fcuk it.

After choosing to cross the River Irk in probably the deepest spot at it was almost nuts deep i was quite pleased with myself.
Getting into the outfall was less successfull, i managed to lose balance in the knee deep mud/sand/silt/shit which was actually bubbling away in front of me, pretty much fell backwards and sat in it, did't sink too much just enough to half fill my waders and cover my back and legs in foul smelling drainz stuff :D

Hey ho, not to be put off i ventured inwards.......

The Works Drain outfalls into the River Irk in Manchester, i can't say how long it is as i walked for probably 20 mins until my camera failed, froze completely, i popped the battery out to reset it and promptly dropped it in the shitty water at my feet, after fishing it out that was enough for me, i walked back to the outfall sulking and smelling......​

The pics i did get didn't come out very well tbh but here they are...





After this next pic was camera fail, i would be interested to know how long this drain is, i know there's a processor in there somewhere so i need to go back and finish it off.

I will be back

Cheers for looking :thumb