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Report - Theatre Varia - Belgium - July - 2015


Conrod the Barbarian
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Evening kids,
another one from a little belgium trip a couple months back, got to admit the photos i saw of this place made it look a lot better than it actually was if i honest, was a little bit underwhelming, the projector is super cool, (especially as it has a tiny bit of film in it!) and the place is weirdly photogenic in places but given its well in the middle of some sort of restoration the place just hasn't got much feeling left in it unfortunately, explore wise was a fairly average access, bit of a climb and a bit of duck and cover, not much really to say about the explore inside, anyone going in be careful on the stage holey shit its holey.

The Cinema-Theatre Varia was built in 1913 and designed by architect E. Claes. Closed in 1986, the particular facade and roof structure were listed as historic monument in 1992.
Renovation started end of 2004 but was recently cancelled by lack of funds (roof and windows was reinforced and sealed to prevent any further damage).

aaaand a rather short, rather dark and dingey set of photogrpahics







thanks for looking kids, play safe n take it sleazy :cool: