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Report - - Tinsley Cooling Towers, A Night I'll Never Forget!! | Industrial Sites |

Report - Tinsley Cooling Towers, A Night I'll Never Forget!!

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When I was about 11, I went on a Cub camp in the Yorkshire Dales. I remember the uneventful drive suddenly becoming more interesting around Sheffield when a large shiny silver bison and two huge chimneys that seemed to hang over the motorway glared at me through the window... my first taste of the icons of the north. In my adult life there has not been a journey when I have risked crashing to steal a second more that I should looking at the cooling towers, rising over the highway...

I was in awe of Angel and Snapples report from the top and I thought to myself I must see it for myself... one problem, I am not a climber by any means. I've done my share of high and ridiculous climbs, but an overhanging ladder:crazy

PM's pinged back and forth, eventually the day came, and as I drove down to the meaowhall junction that feeling of exitement/dread/horror was pumping through my heart. Myself and OT sat in Meadowhall, making smalltalk, eventually coming back to the matter in hand, very shortly we were going to be doing something very scary!!

We met with Snapple and Userscott, and made our way to the towers. I was calm, and exited at this point, but when I reached the bottom of the ladder what I was about to do hit me... I was shit scared. Userscott made the first climb, and soon enough the 'Dallas' themetune was coming from Snapples pocket, time for OT to climb. I must stress that from the angle you are at at the bottom of the ladder it looks as though you are about to climb the inside of a giant banana, the angle plays tricks and it does not help the building fear! Soon enough OT was up and I heard the first few notes of that 80's tv show theme that meant "your turn Dweeb"...

The first half was plain sailing, no looking up or down, just a steady climb with the rope being fed from above. The last quarter started to take it's toll on my arms and the last ladder which overhangs made my legs quiver with fear!! But soon enough I was on that tiny concrete ledge, and god did that feel good!!

Inside has a small ring of scaffolding around the wall. It in itself is scary, knowing there is a 200 foot drop below. But the view and experience of being in such a cathederal was awe inspiring, out of this world!!

I gazed down at that motorway I had gazed up from for so long, knowing everything I had pushed myself to do had been worth every tingle and quiver. I was taking in a view enjoyed by so few, which was simply breathtaking. It had seemed like 30 seconds before it was time to be back on the bloody ladder again! While I waited for my turn I contemplated what I was about to do, and that made me more frightned, but the way down was not a problem at all.

I want to thank Userscott and Snapple for their help, without which I would never have been able to do the climb, and Oxygen Thief for seeming as frightned as me! Cheers guys it was simply epic.
And now for the pictures!


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Snapple, really showing the scale.
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Userscott on his decent
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