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Report - Top Gear test track planes 21/3/07


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After reading reef's report me & jackal headed over to dunsfold to take a look.

The pics are bad so for a better idea check here ...

After a false start walking around some wood for an hour we find a way in.

We head to the stigs race track and follow it round to the planes ,as that was our main objective of the night.

Anyway we are happily taking pictures of ourselves in the plane seats when jackal decides to take another look outside for security, and a good job 2 because they were on there way.

We grab the camaras and run for it with no time to shut the plane door.
Security screams up 2 the planes in his rangerover and searches the place while we hide in a thorn bush watching him ,he gets on his handheld and calls for back up ,time to leave, Q a half mile run through fields ,thorns, over barbed wire fences and rivers.
I feel like ive had a good kicking this morning but it was worth it lol

A few shitty pics the 15 sec exposure wasnt man enough last night :mad:





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