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Report - - Underground Bristol-The Cellars and Vaults 26/08/08 | Underground Sites |

Report - Underground Bristol-The Cellars and Vaults 26/08/08

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Rigsby but many hours put in by Scotty and Tumbles before then. It wasn't what we were hoping but I think it deserves a report.

No. of hours spent sitting outside access: 12 over 3 days
No. of passing police cars: 30 approx.
No. of drunk people: 400 ish
No. of strange men called Nick who talk to you about Cosmology for 2 hours: 1
No. of men trying to steal my car: 1

Well, this is the third night running I have tried to get in this sodding place but after a careful diet of Dairylea and chocolate fingers, I managed to fit through the point of access. It hurt....a lot...but I'm glad it worked eventually. To say this place is blatant is an understatement. You have one of the main crossroads in the centre of Bristol, cop cars creeping round every corner and god knows how many cameras.

Anyway, this is the start of something-something big hopefully but time will tell. It's an idea that Tumbles first started when we looked at the Underground Bristol book about 5 months ago when I first moved here. It has become a bit of an ongoing project but when Scotty came out exploring in Bristol over the weekend, we grabbed our opportunity and had a go at getting into at least some of it.

None of us knew exactly what was down here so I guess the result was a bit of an anticlimax but at least now we know. No more dreams about the door.

So here are the photos of what was down there. I had to fight my way through the cobwebs and dead stuff just to get down the staircase which proves no one has been down there for a good 5-10 years I'd say.

Back to the drawing board guys! I'm off to the library tomorrow to pack in the research:D
















28DL Member
28DL Member
Top man, always wondered what was behind that door. Nice array of photos to give a good display of what it's like down there too.

Damn this post is almost a decade old! Might have to see what it's like in 2018...