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Report - Unfinished construction site Manchester


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This is my first report on the site, if anyone has any tips please let me know.

I saw this place on this forum and thought i would explore it for myself.
To my belief the site was suppose to be made into a hotel, with work starting on the site in 2004 and finishing in 2008. However the company went into liquidation and hence stands the remains of the site.

link to urbex video of this site
roof light.jpg
pan 1.jpg
pan 1.jpg
pan 2.jpg
tunnel 11.jpg


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Slightly better than your first attempt, at least there is some photos this time ;)

Good effort getting out and sticking a report up :thumb
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I believe that they finally have plans for this place! It's been like this for over a decade!
Nice shots!


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I always see this place when coming into manchester, need to go have a look for myself sometime, nice video though :)


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I pass this on the way home if I go a set way and always think about doing this myself.
Its just getting the time to.


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Pass it a lot on the Mancunian Way, yet only just noticed it. Thought it was a building being demolished at first, not the other way round! Didn't know it's been there for that long


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Passed by this today on the way home from Smithfield, had a few visitors since I saw it last year, lots of graffiti on the upper floors