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Information - Update on old Newcastle Lead Factory

So this morning I set off, on yet another hot and sunny day. When we arrived at the Lead Factory, we climbed the hill and successfully got onto the land. There was one man on security(came across and kinda decent but pissed off about something). We told him something and continued our way. However as I walked past the only one of the two buildings you could enter, I noticed something.

Not only have the work team decided to put barriers around the roof and bank(only entrance), they have blocked up the doorway into it, meaning unless you are crafty and know your buildings, you can't enter.

EDIT 1: Factory is referred to as; Calder Leadworks
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Ok start by telling us where you are actually talking about. Newcastle Lead Factory doesn't mean anything to me I'm afraid.


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Drive past this place on a regular basis it was due to be a housing estate Bellway Homes originally. The land is probably contaminated from the old lead works, it had been largely demoed since about 2005 just an office block stood and was totally gutted stripped for many years, i noticed work has started at last on the office block. The site is next to the Metro arena on the banks of the river Tyne.

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