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Report - Wenford Dries, Wenford - November 2018

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Built at the beginning of the 20th century to process raw china clay following extraction, Wenford Dries is a huge derelict china clay factory in the quiet countryside of Devon. The building is reported to be the longest Listed building in the UK (over 500m long) and has been derelict for nearly two decades. The place is a great representation of industrial development particularly when you see the disused railway line that used to connect to Wenford Bridge. Although built by the Stannon China Clay Company, the dries were then taken over by English China Clays in 1919 - this company being the largest clay producer in the world.

This place always seemed picturesque, and I could tell that if there was anywhere to go for a calming and enjoyable exploration, it'd be here. After a bit of difficulty getting there (mixed up the coordinates) we pulled up close by and just wandered right in. Slightly apprehensive as I thought I could hear the sound of a machine working on the building, possibly some sort of constuction machine, however it was just a couple of youths driving mopeds inside. Once inside, it was like a the entire place was a museum, so much to look at and photograph, it was great! Wondering around the place was interesting, the buildings and setup were captivating. As for it being the longest listed building in the UK, I don't doubt that one bit. The building seemed to just keep on going, moving from one building to another, walking down just one straight line. The explore was ended only slightly prematurely, when a group of people came to test out there airsoft toys. Lucky for us, we never were hit, but there were a few too close for comfort.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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