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Question - West London places?


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Hey sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I'm looking for a high place or even any place worth visiting in West London ? Duckers pond and Kodak factory is all I know of.


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Maybe a late reply but I recommend the alfa laval building on the M4 in west london. I have to admit it is quite the challenge to find an entry but once found it is definitely worth it. 1 security camera in the entire complex and a low key entry from behind the building all for a solid view about 15 stories up and 15 storeys (and a 2 storey basement) of exploration. Reply if you want more information or pictures


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The Londoners I know barely ever go out West :D the big building that always has an Apple advert on, next to the Great West Road (A4) is pretty easy I think, it's next to the Premier inn in Brentford. Only as we drive past it every time we come to london, and stayed in the hotel next door but have never actually bothered with it

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