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Question - - what your biggest "oh s**t " moment? | General Exploring Chat Forum | Page 6 |

Question - what your biggest "oh s**t " moment?

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Behind Closed Doors
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Just thinking back to his this escalated after we were released from the chimney. As mentioned the police were sound, but security were not happy. Not happy at all! They wanted to push for a prosecution, but the police were having none of it. Security had made a few reports to the police about the pikies and it was clear we were nothing to do with that so it would be a complete waste of time and money to take any further action. An argument pursued, with the police on our side for once! Security even tried to block the exit to stop the police vehicles from leaving the site. I'm not sure what was said between them from then on, but they moved out of the way after a while, looking very pissed off 🤣

Terminal Decline

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I guess my biggest oh shit moment would be after we found the entrance into the chimney at Eggborough power station to be open. The padlock was missing so we went in and headed up to the top. We hadn't been up there for long when we noticed security as they did their regular patrol, then watched as they stopped off at the bottom of the chimney. Next thing we know, the police arrive, make their way through the site and also park up at the chimney. It was clear they had no idea anyone was up there, but they, like we had done a little earlier, had discovered the missing padlock. We finished up taking photos and headed down to discover the inevitable... They had re-secured the door and locked us in. As hard as we tried, there was no possibility of finding another way out. The solid metal doors were the only way through the concrete base of the chimney, and with all the locking mechanisms being on the outside we had no chance of opening it. We ended up having to call the police and explain the situation, having them come back to inform security that we were in there. The police were sound with us, and told us that the security staff had seen pikies on site the night before who had removed a few locks to let themselves in. They gave us a lift back to the car and we were on our way.
Climbing all those stairs to find there was nothing to prevent one dropping 200m off the edge was a significant "oh shit!" moment in itself lol

Westcountry Explorer

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
There's been a few times whilst exploring abandoned houses I've started going into a room and a bird (Mainly pigeons.) has flown right at me and out of the room, scaring the absolute crap out of me in the process. I've developed a strong fear of birds as a result; just hearing a pigeon is enough to scare me nowadays lol


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28DL Member
Mine was about 4 years ago, old school in Rottingdean/Brighton. Nosey neighbours came out and threatened me with police, didn’t bother me really, went in anyways, 10 minutes later, 15 police with dogs turned up with tasers drawn, very big holy sh*t moment when they kicked the door in lol.
They explained they had reports of an individual shooting fireworks inside the property. they admitted how embarrassed they felt when they realised I was just taking a few pictures, I was let go without charge. genuinely felt I was going down that time..
Hey where was this school, i live in woodingdean and do tonns of urbex but have never heard of a school


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Did a second trip down a mine with 3 other friends we walked past a pumping station with lights on went further down on the way back up towards the pumping station the air was still and quite we were greeted with a blast of air and horrible low grinding banging humming noise that intensified every second turns out the pumps had kicked in 🤣 was terrified my only thought was great time for the sketchy ladders


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