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Report - - York sugar (sugar beet) 27/01/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - York sugar (sugar beet) 27/01/08

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The Human Turbine.
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From being a small lad i've remembered this place. Its quite a landmark for york, and from where i used to live in york, you could tell the wind direction... Terry's meant a South Westerly, Sugarbeet a Westerly, Rowntrees an Easterly, and crap a Northerly wind, from the sewage works on shipton road.
The smell wasnt very pleasant though, well for most people, i 'sort of' grew too it, and knew winter had finally hit when i could smell, because of the factory 'starting up' again, but not only that (good to note that 500 lorry loads a day would go through 'the beet'!) it's a different style of chimney and i always wanted to have a look at the top!

Its not the biggest of Sugar plants, slightly bigger than Ipswich i would say, although having only 3 Silos, but many more storage tanks. It was built in 1926 after 'The sugar act 1925' in which time up until 1928 18 more factories were built. That aside though, its a relitively modern plant, having its own power supply and including areas such as the 'space ship'... "where, oh" lol.


This is my second visit inside of the factory. A week ago me mike and tims hit it early hours of the morning, and found ourselfs in a hot location with workers walking past us occasionally and builders dismantling a lot of things south side of the plant, we had found our route anyway.

This time we headed in under the cover of darkness. The priority for me was just having a look at the factory as a whole and finding each camera, rather than taking photos which is a bit anoying now.

Taken whilst we was resting near the centre of the plant, showing one of the larger exhausts and a main conveyor bridge (we didnt get chance to do the other side where it leads to)

Animal feed area.

Further to the centre you can find a good sum of industrialism!

Showing some of the strange machinery which smelt like wine near the control centre

We did try and climb the Silos, but the chimney was the better option due to visablitly.

...and the iconic chimney which enraged so many homes. It was a dirty dark climb to the top, but well worth it, excluding it was pretty windy and borrowing the modo tripod non of the shots came out! Exept for this one.

Nearing the end of our explore we headed to the paleting area and other buildings on that flank.

Unfortunatley we couldnt gain access to the tunnels which ran under the vats, and who knows where else....

But we did however have a look over into them

and a final shot showing me tims and mike, spot him?