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  1. MK83

    Report - Beerseba Welsh Inependant Chapel - Powys, North Wales - Jan 2024

    We bobbed in for a look at this little chapel while on our way to another location after seeing some of the other reports on it, most recently covered by @HughieD . Theres not a lot of history online, it was first built in in 1805 and then rebuilt in 1843 to accommodate 100 people. The Chapel...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - Nazareth House & Chapel, Southend - Aug-Nov 2023

    What’s this I hear you say? A care home, get that out now! Well, this place is a bit sicker than your average and was a surprisingly nice find to come out of Essex. Even better, it was very local to me. @DE-eVOLVED found this one back in 2022 and I was pretty impressed to first see pictures of...
  3. GRONK

    Report - Tottington Road Primitive Methodist Church, Bolton - May 2018

    May 2018 The Visit Went to this place with @coolboyslim and a non-member. We decided to check it out fairly late in the day and ended up exploring the building for about thirty minutes. When we visited, the building was in great shape overall, except for one room that was starting to get damp...
  4. MK83

    Report - Llywarch Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - Ceiriog Ucha, Wrexham, North Wales - December 23

    Llywarch Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel is a pretty standard small Welsh Chapel built in 1891. Theres very little history about this place online. The Chapel itself is in pretty good condition and has few nice features. Thanks for looking.
  5. dansgas1000

    Report - Broom Green Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norfolk - July 2023

    Introduction A small but lovely little chapel that is reasonably local to me. I first visited a couple of years ago and have since been back to get some shots with the camera. Information & History The chapel is situated in Broom Green which is a small village just south of Guist in Norfolk. It...
  6. dansgas1000

    Report - Beerseba Independent Chapel aka Dead Sheep Chapel, Wales - May 2023

    Introduction This is a place me and @JakeV50 had seen pictures of in the past so we decided to visit as part of our Wales trip back in May. Information & History This lovely rural chapel is marked on OS 2nd Edition Maps as Capel Beer-seba and is an example of many chapels in Wales that were...
  7. MK83

    Report - Scarth Hill Mission - Scarth Hill, Ormskirk - August 2022

    Another repost due to website rebuild. Not a lot to this place but it is very photogenic on the outside. Sadly very stripped out and half converted on the inside. The Mission Room was opened in July 1896. Meetings were first held in a nearby cottage. The Mission was built to accommodate 140...
  8. norfolkexplorer

    Report - Spread Oak Chapel and Scrap cars. Norfolk. June 2022

    After many years of not exploring or posting on here, I have decided it is time to get my ass in gear and get out n about again So here is my 1st trip out and post on here in a long time. The explore The morning was a gorgeous early morning explore with pummels of light breaking through the...
  9. Nakedexplore

    Report - The Secret Chapel of Benwick

    The Secret Chapel of Benwick Here we have a small hidden Chapel next to a large Rectory that was once part of a now demolished Church. Explored around Oct 2021 where I filmed and photographed to share with you all. Was on my way to another location and stopped here just for a look as I...
  10. MK83

    Report - Llanbedr Hall - Ruthin, North Wales - February 22

    History - The earliest records we can find of the hall date back to around 1630 when it was owned by John Thelwall. It stayed in the Thelwall family until 1811 when it was sold to Rev. Roger Clough, he then sold it to Joseph Ablett in 1831. Joseph Ablett was a justice of the peace and high...
  11. JakeV50

    Report - Car Chapel, Sheffield : December 2021

    Car Chapel, Sheffield. While on a road trip from Norfolk to Sheffield, me and my mate @dangas1000 made a stop off to this lovely little chapel which is full of old car parts, with several vehicles in the grounds. I initially saw it on a news article after a certain 'explorer' sold out to the...
  12. JakeV50

    Report - Broom Green Chapel: Oct 2021 / Jan 2022

    Broom Green Chapel Being local to me, Broom Green chapel is a lovely little one to visit on a nice sunny day, having been 2 or 3 times now, I've gathered a few photos over my visits and decided to do a quick report on it as it's a beautiful little place, the best bit is the mural on the wall...
  13. Violetdelight

    Porta Maria chapel

    The Chapel built by a Chec refugee. During the war he fled across Europe and married an English woman. Living in Norfolk he built his own Chapel. ( info is what I've read online, hopefully correct). Cute little Chapel
  14. Wastelandr

    Report - Czech Refugee Chapel, Norfolk - September 2021

    The History: As usual there's already better rundowns online with more detail, but long story short this chapel was constructed by a man who first came to England as a refugee from Nazi Germany in the onset of WW2. He was born in 1918 in Czechoslovakia, moving through Poland, Romania, France...
  15. PlanetClare

    Report - Liverpool school for the deaf - July 2020

    Liverpool school for the deaf - opened in 1887. Relocated in the 1980s, the building was used as a community centre and bar until 2007. It has been abandoned ever since. The chapel really is beautiful, however somebody has clearly made the community centre part their home, so I felt a bit rude...
  16. Terminal Decline

    Report - Trinity Methodist Church, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall - May 2019

    History The church was constructed in 1834 and enlarged in 1866, when the interior was refitted to accommodate 600 worshipers. The interior is one of the best and most complete in Cornwall, containing original box pews, oval gallery with stencil decoration and the box pulpit, incorporated into...
  17. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    St Luke's Chapel- Runwell Asylum, Essex- August 2019

    The asylum is now part demolished and renovated. There is a photo included of the renovated building, apologies for the bad quality and lighting. The same fate is to happen to the chapel so I'm glad I got to see it pre renovation and get a sense of the history. History: "The foundation stone...
  18. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - St Barts Hospital (Morgue) - Rochester - July 2019

    HOSPITAL: There's really very little to note about this place as I only did the morgue because of time purposes and having other places to do later in the day, but it closed in 2016 and the decay shows that pretty well, as there's no graffiti inside, but peeling paint in some parts. I don't have...
  19. lolza22

    Bryn Salem Chapel, Cippyn, South Wales

    So after finding this place online I knew I had to take a trip to this place. We were staying in the local area so it was the perfect opportunity. After a ten minute walk down a bridal path (completely off the beaten track) we found our Chapel. (I am presuming it ended up closing its doors...
  20. ChrisPatey

    General - Talgarth Chapel

    Hi All, I know Talgarth must be one of the most well visited sites but has anyone ever got into the Chapel? Also see the photos, at least here they can be appreciated