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  1. MK83

    Report - RAF Calveley - Nantwich, Cheshire - September 2021

    History - RAF Calveley was planned as a night fighter base for the defence of the cities of the industrial North West, such as Manchester and Liverpool. It was to perform as a satellite to the day fighter base at Atcham (Shrewsbury) in the Ternhill Sector, but by the time the Airfield was...
  2. MK83

    Report - RAF Cranage - Byley, Cheshire - August 2021

    This was a small WW2 explore as we had a free morning and it's not to far from us. I'm fascinated by all thing WW2 so while there wasn't a massive amount to see what was left was interesting. History - The site at Cranage was chosen for use as a training station and aircraft maintenance unit...
  3. Mr.Ziggystardust

    Just saying hello from Warrington.

    Hi all, new to the Site and urban exploration, Stumbled across the site when looking for interesting walks. Just wanted to say fantastic site and very good informative reports. Been to a few local locations last couple of weeks after reading reports on here. Ivy house stretton and Hartshead...
  4. K

    Report - Ivy House, Cheshire, May 2021

    First report and first real time exploring, thought I'd try somewhere relatively easy and local to start with. I have seen this place a few times on here and also spotted it in both Warrington and Liverpool online news articles, with links to Youtube. I guess my view of the place is, look what...
  5. DeaKew

    Report - The County Hotel, Alderley Edge, May 2021

    History I was disappointed not to be able to find more history for this location. Dating back to the 1880’s, this building was originally known as Arden House and was one of a small collection of large detached houses, including Lindow Grove and Merchistown (The Merlin and Yesterday’s Nightclub...
  6. Han1990

    Hana exploring Northwest UK

    Hi. I started exploring a few days ago and came across this site as well whilst searching for places to go. Mainly around cheshire and Stockport. Been to ivy house in northwich and Belmont care home in Cheadle so far. Both great finds would recommend
  7. Kristy

    Report - Ivy House/Axe House- Stretton, Cheshire, Nov 2020

    Nicked named Ivy House or The Axe Murder House! One of my favourite places which is local to me. The history surrounding this home is uncertain, a lot of local rumours are heard but no solid information to back them up. At first I was told a man had killed his wife here with an axe, but I...
  8. GRONK

    Report - White Gables, Chester - August 2020

    August 2020 The Visit Visited with @Choo Choo m8ty and a non-member. We popped into this one after visiting a few other local spots, we didn't really know what to expect from this one as the only other report on here from @Abandoned hd only has a few external shots. The building isn't...
  9. Kadewalters98

    Hello From North wales/Chester!!

    Hey guys, used to go Urban exploring a lot back in 2016/2017 but have not been the past few years because of uni and other various reasons, but Im back home in north wales/Chester area now and Wanted to 1. introduce myself and 2. see if anyone wants to go on some explorations together as...
  10. kvtie9

    General - Ivy house, Cheshire, June 2020.

    Don’t really have any information on this place, was given it last minute while I was up in Cheshire so just popped along. I’ll try and get some information and post it :) thanks and enjoy!
  11. Pixels

    Report - Lostock Power Station, Cheshire - June 2016

    Lostock Power Station, originally owned by Bowman Thompson & Company, was one of the UK's last remaining coal-fired power stations. It was later sold to Brunner Mond in 1900 and produced sixty tonnes of soda ash a day, increasing to 800 tonnes a day by 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets...
  12. UrbexGem.

    Report - Moody Hall, Congleton 26.02.20

    Moody Hall is a Grade II listed Georgian building in Congleton. It was built in 1777 for the Reade family who owned a large silk mill. It was last used as a care home but closed on 30th September 2014 after failing to meet national standards on CQC inspections. I spoke to a local man outside who...
  13. Joshrowlands

    Report - Wagon & Horses, Stoke on Trent, February 2020

    History The earliest known record of the pub is from 1818, with the first record of the name "Waggon & Horses" from 1834. The pub was renamed Potters Lodge, before returning to its original name in 2009 when new owners bought and refurbished the venue. A local resident said it had been...
  14. D

    New to this - Cheshire

    I’ve been looking for a website like this for some time and I’ve finally discovered this one. Does anybody know any abandoned places in or not too far (45 minute drive ish) from Cheshire?
  15. Webb7 Photography

    Warrington, North West M/26

    Hi all, I've not long joined the site and looking for someone to possible go exploring with in and around the north west area. Can get around myself as have a car. Only posted once on here with a site I happened to come across was easy access and got some okay photos from the state of the building
  16. R

    Lead or Rumour info - House! Brook lane, Alderly Edge, Cheshire

    Whilst going about my travels at work, driving down the A34 in Alderley Edge i saw an old house right on the side of the road. Couldn't' tell too much from the glimpse i got apart from some of the roof tiles are missing. Taking a slight detour and looking a little closer, the house is...
  17. GRONK

    Report - Stamford Arms, Little Bollington - June 2018

    June 2018 So this one has been on the to do list for a long time and after many failed attempts over the last few years I finally managed to get it done, not much history exists on this place despite it being a popular venue in its heyday. It was last open to customers under the name 'Home'...
  18. GRONK

    Report - The Warehouse (Shop), Crewe - February 2018

    February 2018 Built as part of the Queensway Development in 1953 and is the second to last unit in the building. It is located between a recently abandoned Wetherspoons and an abandoned Ladbrokes. I found myself inside this one completely by accident and to be completely honest it is nothing...
  19. GRONK

    Report - Edleston Road Primary School, Crewe - February 2018

    February 2018 Did this one as a solo visit one cold and wet morning, the building is pretty trashed now with very few windows left in one piece. In response to this the owners have recently built a wooden wall around the building. The building consists of two floors and a small cellar but very...
  20. GRONK

    Report - Corporation Electricity Works, Crewe - December 2017

    December 2017 The Visit Finally got round to doing this one on a cold and damp December morning, I visited by myself and spent about an hour in the building. There isn't really anything special about this one, except maybe the J Spencer & Co overhead crane that still survives in the main shed...