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  1. Parky

    Report - Inhospitable/The Works - 01/10/2023 - Manchester

    Inhospitable + The Works (explored with @Ojay , @MartyZero and a non-member) Inhospitable is a (as the crow flies) 1 and a half kilometer long culvert on the Moss Brook. This drain includes a peculiar feature, called The Works (you will see why its called that soon). The Explore We got to the...
  2. Parky

    Report - Worsley Brook (Old Worsley) - Manchester - 09/07/23

    Old Worsley Explored/Photographed with @Ojay and @MartyZero To start off this was quite a rushed and dramatic explore, certainly one of the more mission impossible type explores with the unpredictable weather this month! Photos are mainly by @Ojay and @MartyZero and screen grabs from footage I...
  3. Parky

    Report - St00p Sc00p S00p (FINALE) - Sheffield - 29/06/23

    St00p Sc00p S00p. The Final Visit. To be fair with ya, Ive got abit of a soft spot for this culvert... As hard as it is, and how many times Ive got soaked, injured or both, I still find myself wanting to come back, only being beaten by the stoop and horrible soop water... Today I wanted to visit...
  4. MK83

    Report - Greenfield Mills and Battery Works - Holywell, Flintshire, Wales - January 22

    History - This site comprises the remains of the battery works and below it further down the valley the remains of some cotton mills, the whole site is a scheduled monument. The Battery Works were established in 1776 by the Parys mine company after discovering copper on Parys mountain on...
  5. Parky

    Report - Nice 'n' Steady-Carrbrook Culvert-Oct 26th (Making Progress!)

    A revisit to Nice 'n' Steady today! I proceeded past where i stopped yesterday for another couple hundred meters, making it to the chamber tarkovsky and his mate went to have a look at it in high flow. I noticed today that the water was slightly higher than yesterday which wasnt much of a...
  6. Parky

    Report - River Porter/ River Sheaf Culverts.

    No specific order, just a small collection of photos from august/july. Check my youtube channel “RubberJohnnyVideos” for a few of the videos i recorded while down there :). THE MEGATRON!!! (sadly only taken on my phone..) Thanks for taking a look! More...
  7. MK83

    Report - Hic Bibby and Red Rock Culverts - Coppull/Red Rock, Lancashire - October 2021

    Draining is an aspect of urbex we haven't tried upto now so we thought we'd dip our toes in quite literally. We started off by having a wonder through the red rock culvert as we were in the area hunting for remains of coal mining and were walking the route of the Lancashire Union railway through...
  8. Wastelandr

    Report - River Ravensbourne & East Branch Culverts, March 2021

    The History Most of this drain was covered likely in the post-war period along much of its length, and was created from the historic river which runs all the way to the River Thames. Originally it was a ditch running through fields, as much of greater London was surprisingly once rural in...
  9. L

    Report - Nottingham Road Tunnel, Derby

    A quick post based on a quick fun explore today in Derby. Hope this works! Near the site of the old Nottingham Road Station in Derby, which I rarely had a reason to walk past until lockdown, is a patch of unused ground between the railway and the council depot. Round New Year time I first...
  10. Hvdes

    Report - Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle - September 2019

    This had been somewhere I had looked at getting into for a few months now and back in the spring of this year me and a few people attempted to enter the old world war 2 bunker through the small opening near the outfall but to our disappointment we found that all of the entrances had been blocked...
  11. chills

    Report - Markeaton Interceptor AKA Flo Selecta, Derby, February 2019

    History: The Markeaton Brook is an 11-mile-long (17 km) tributary of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, England. The brook rises from its source south of Hulland Ward, and flows for most of its length through the countryside north-west of Derby before entering a culvert to the north of the city...