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  1. GRONK

    Report - George Barnsley and Sons Ltd, Sheffield - April 2024

    April 2024 The Visit Did this one as a sole visit whilst in the Steele city, its been done a thousand times and I certainly missed it in its prime back in the day but I just couldn't resist the temptation to explore this place. I spent about an hour wandering around the now fairly dilapidated...
  2. Parky

    Report - St00p Sc00p S00p (FINALE) - Sheffield - 29/06/23

    St00p Sc00p S00p. The Final Visit. To be fair with ya, Ive got abit of a soft spot for this culvert... As hard as it is, and how many times Ive got soaked, injured or both, I still find myself wanting to come back, only being beaten by the stoop and horrible soop water... Today I wanted to visit...
  3. inksurgeon

    Report - CANNON BREWERY | Sheffield

    Few shots from the less popular side of Cannon with @fastchrisuk , bigger than you think this place. These killer stairs are underground to the far left of the site
  4. dansgas1000

    Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield - March 2023

    Introduction I first visited the site during summer last year but as I was in a rush I didn’t take the camera. This time though, I wanted to return with the camera and get a report up. Visited with @V50jake. Information & History I won’t go into the history in too much detail as it has been...
  5. fastchrisuk

    Report - Cannon's Brewery, Sheffield - December 2022

    I've spent the last 4 years or more driving by Cannon's Brewery in Sheffield looking to see if there was a way in. I know some have managed to get in but I'm built for comfort, not for speed and squeezing through tiny holes is not my thing. So @inksurgeon and I were driving past Cannon's and...
  6. dansgas1000

    Report - George Barnsley & Son's Ltd, Sheffield - June 2022

    Introduction I’m aware this has been visited and posted numerous times on the forum, but this is a much-loved site amongst the community so I thought it would be worth sharing my stance on the place, albeit a bit late to the party. History Founded in 1836, George Barnsley & Sons Ltd...
  7. inksurgeon

    Video - George Barnsley and Son's | Sheffield FPV

    WONDERLAND | FPV Going down the rabbit hole into this incredible factory lost in time. Really felt like something out of Alice in wonderland going throuh that hole, from a modern graf factory into something thats been frozen and nature has taken over. Been in this location many many years ago...
  8. JakeV50

    Report - Car Chapel, Sheffield : December 2021

    Car Chapel, Sheffield. While on a road trip from Norfolk to Sheffield, me and my mate @dangas1000 made a stop off to this lovely little chapel which is full of old car parts, with several vehicles in the grounds. I initially saw it on a news article after a certain 'explorer' sold out to the...
  9. Parysperspective

    Report - Jacobs Manufacturing, Sheffield. April 2014 (pic heavy)

    First report, only 7.5 years late (only feels like 4!). @HughieD did a great report here: Taken on an iPhone 5s. My second explore after Seldom Seen House...
  10. Parky

    Report - Nice n Steady Carrbrook reccy.(no particular order)

    Today I went down to have a small reccy in nice n steady, only walking up for about 15 minutes before turning back as I was running out of time. I to get there I went to the bright side weir, dropped off by my grandad. I entered in by the outfall (which is very easy to get as the water levels...
  11. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Sheffield Ski Village - October 2018

    Access to the ski slope was incredibly easy however at the main entrance there was a congregation of gypsy travellers who seemed to be residing at the site next to a large dumping spot. The slope had suffered a significant amount of vandalism and damage over the years including several arson...
  12. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Sheffield Factory - October 2018

    Unfortunately could not gain access to the inside of the factory so heres some pictures of the outside... UrbexTreasure
  13. C

    Report - Hallamshire Works - Sheffield - August 2020

    History Hallamshire Works is an old industrial unit situated directly next to the famous Cannon Brewery in Neepsend, Sheffield. It has been owned by various businesses in its history but has now stood empty for around five years. The site of the warehouse is approximately the area covered in...
  14. J

    Report - Record ridgeway

    Wemt up to record ridgeway today didnt have any proper camera with me as d, they've blocked loads of doors inside to stop you getting through but there are a couple ways through the whole building still. Anyone interested in going somewhere at the weekend its a bit booky on your
  15. Crissisdecon

    Report - Atkinson Walker Saws, Sheffield - Oct 2019

    The History (Credit to @HughieD ) Situated between Cotton Mill Row, Cotton Street and Alma Street, Sheffield, Falcon works were built in the 1930s for light industrial use after the site was cleared as part of a 1931 Clearance Order. Originally standing three storeys tall, the premises were...
  16. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - The Durham Ox, Sheffield - September 2019

    One of the many pubs that were situated around Broad Street, now it seems it may only be this one and the Ye Old Harrow that still stands. There really isn't much at all inside this pub and there is little indication that it was actually ever even a pub. You can check out all my photos from...
  17. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Ye Old Harrow pub, Sheffield - September 2019

    One of the many pubs that were situated on Broad Street, now it seems it may only be this one and The Durham Ox that still stands. Sadly, there isn't much left inside this pub, as the whole place is severely fire damaged. You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr...
  18. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Silica Bricks Ganister Mine Sheffield, November 2019

    A ganister (or sometimes gannister) is hard, fine-grained quartzose sandstone, or orthoquartzite, used in the manufacture of silica brick typically used to line furnaces. Ganisters are cemented with secondary silica and typically have a characteristic splintery fracture. You can check out all...
  19. HughieD

    Report - A&E Transport, Neepsend, Sheffield, South Yorks, October 2019

    1. The History Can find very little history on this place. The former Distribution Warehouse is in an area known as Hallamshire Works on Boyland Street, in the Neepsend district of Sheffield on a 1.8-acre site. The site was well-placed due to its direct access into Sheffield city centre and out...
  20. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Cowdale Lime Works, Derbyshire - August 2019

    The surrounding buildings definitely look very neo-egyptian and it almost makes the site look like its a themed area out of a closed theme park. There isn't that much other than the buildings and the kilns to see here, but still, a worthwhile explore. You can check out all my photos from this...