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Report - 1st Report- W W Laycock & Sons - Sheffield - March 2014


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So whilst waiting for a train I decided to go get a cheeseburger and instead found myself having a look round this old sweetie.

Sadly only got to have a look in the downstairs of the main building before a lovely BB guy nearly made me schnitzel myself and politely informed me

A) that the place was unsafe and he was here to clean up the rest of the needles
B) he hadn't seen me :thumb
and C) that I probably had somewhere else to be

So a big thanks for him for not being a meanie and telling me off!

W W Laycock and Sons: Incorporated 1963- Dissolved 2000

This was once a part of Sheffield's thriving steel business but had sadly spent that last decade as a hot spot for the homeless and (after seeing older photos and posts) a den for those who prefer a pointy but inject-able way of life. It seems to have been part of a big clean up mission as of late and I can't tell if they intend to knock it down or use it for something else but they are definitely doing something with it (hence the contractor)
The site itself is quite big and it seems most of the buildings connected to a (now rather overgrown and barbed wired off) courtyard.

Sadly not much left on the first floor, just lots of peely paint, a dead fox and some massive piles of paperwork that I didn't a decent chance to photograph :(
Looked like the second might be more interesting as are the other buildings so intend to revisit at some point

Two shots from outside



Hummmm wonder what the smell is... oh *vom* dead fox!


Quite impressed the clock is still working after all this time! Or it is permanently set to 9am :D


Stuff clearly being piled up for the clean up effort, there were sleeping bags and tables and all sorts in there


Out to the courtyard!


Not sure if this was the workers many years ago or someone else but it made me chuckle


Peely paint and big old windows make a happy JaneEyre :)


Stairs and hallway, found it really cool how the stairs had curved with use (clearly years of people clomping up and down them)


Better shot of the stairs, (sadly this was the last shot I got before the little chat)


Hope this is ok for a first report, I tried to pick the best photos, there were a few more but sadly not all were as clear as I would have liked!

JaneEyre xx


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Well done, good report. And you found a clocking in/out station with the clock intact. That's a winner for me :thumb


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Nice work, a very beautiful place which is in essence very intact and a rare survivor. It gets overlooked as it is a fetted crack den in places.

You should check the lofts ;)