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Report - A.E.I Henley's Air Raid Shelter.


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A.E.I Henley's Air Raid Shelter, Feb 2011.

After a few days of planning me and Trog had decided we should go and have a little look around. After talking to Wevsky we managed to get abit of a road trip going. On arival we found that construction site was in use that day but decided to try and sneak round to the entrance. Although this was the plan things worked out a little differently but we all still manged to get in.

Brief history from underground Kent:
The company W T Henley has always been highly regarded for the manufacture of cable and electrical components and was clearly the company of choice when a system had to be devised as a countermeasure to the growing threat of German magnetic mines during the Second World War. As a result, a new site was constructed in 1939 in Gravesend for W T Henley and a complex of tunnels built underneath to provide air raid shelter for the company’s employees
With at least six entrances, the air raid shelter was very clearly signed internally to ensure that there was no confusion when looking for your allocated space. Cut into chalk and lined with prefabricated concrete, the shelter tunnels were well laid out, including first aid areas and numerous latrines – in the form of Elson buckets.

The shelter was alot bigger than I imagined it to be and in very good condition which meant a very nice explore and some good shots.









Thanks for looking :thumb


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