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Report - Air Raid shelter-Lymm-06/02/08



A (dissapointingly) small air raid shelter in Lymm, cheshire, initially part recced by myself and saul_son a month or so ago, it was too flooded to gain access to two parts we wanted to see and thus we decided to come back with suitable footwear and see if the place extended much further what with all the local talk of tunnels under Lymm dam etc.

So myself, Lawrence and Saul_son headed back to see if there was much more than what had been seen on the recce. Unfortunately there wasnt and digging around on the internet for history hasnt helped me solve the clues at to whether this was just a large private shelter or a small public one, and also whether the enormous concrete cap we found at the back meant its a much older, much larger blocked off tunnel system that does indeed extend under the dam.

A was traditional in cheshire with its soft sandstone older cave system were often converted to shelters during the war (ie all the stockport ones)

Looking back out towards the entrance and through into one of the smaller rooms with carved sandstone benches and table and a very unusual slabbed stone door.

Aforementioned stone door, its one solid slab with metal hinges.

The largest of all the areas, beyond the brick wall was a small chamber with the back wall entirely concreted.

The best bit, the escape shaft. Looking up.

And again.

Looking back towards the entrance on the left, another small chamber to the right.


Im sure saul can add some better pictures.


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