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Report - American Adventure June 2010


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I visited here on a whim with family members, as we spent many happy times here and wanted to see what had happened to the old place.
Information and history from Wikipedia.

American adventure was opened in 1987 as "Britain's Major New Theme Park" with the introduction of "The Missile" in 1989 and the "Twin Looper" in 1995.From 1996 the park started to decline and in 2006 it finally closed.

Sadly by the time I went to explore everything had gone, which was a shame but it was still interesting to see where the rides were and what was left.
On with the pictures.

Some one had kindly labelled where some attractions used to be!




The Aztec Kingdom building once stood here. This contained my favourite ride "The Motion Master."

I think this bridge lead to the old entrance plaza.

The old boat pier.

All in all a very interesting explore even though there is not much left. It was nice to reminisce about a fondly remembered place. Although I wish I had gone when the building were still there.