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Report - Denbigh Asylum Staff Building - March 2012

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After a dismal fail at an unearthly hour at St. Jo's Seminary a non member and I headed to Wales to visit a couple of spots on way home we decided to have a quick look at Denbigh asylum staff building as most go straight to the main building which is ace but at the mo is pretty busy with secca and contracters but a return very soon is needed, after all my pics from a Welsh tour last year were lost forever on a dodgy memory card.

In contrast to most of the main building the staff quarters are in a lot better nick altho even less than a year on it has deteriorated from last time I was here

Heres some piks from our visit


The top 2 floors are almost identical and feature long corridors with many bedrooms


Which consist mainly of a sink and a wardrobe


and a choice from one of 4 exotic wallpapers


These rooms are interrupted everynow and again with baths, bogs n showers, I like this almost set piece complete with scrawly hand print on the wall


There aren't many artefacts about here just the usual smashed glass and torn off doors , there are also quite a few old paper targets of various design littered about, perhaps airsoft wars have raged in here?


After my first visit here I heard there was an episode of "Britain's most haunted" shot in this very building , as initially I was rather startled to find...


... which at the time I found rather unnerving but my mate doesn't haha, the vandals that are "Britain's most haunted" painted this room in such manner as to literally try and raise hell and direct dark forces to another identical "mirror" room at the opposite end of the corridor to a non believer.

Also this very stairwell was where they heard the "Whistling Ghost" but it's all bollox , the position of this building coupled with all the smashed windows makes the sound of the wind very prevalent throughout all of the upper floors, its all just wind........I hope haha.


I love this red powdered floor room...


...complete with some ancient suckers



Last time I was here, there was evidence of vagabondry but he or she seems to have gone save for this last supper perhaps?


Thanks for looking more piks including highly offensive hd here
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