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Report - Duga 3, The Hard Way: 5 days on the run in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


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Bugger - particularly wanted to see the piccies, but occasionally on the odd report, all the images get blocked. Tried turning off all the usual blocker with no success...
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Amazing. Logged in today and the piccies are there now! An excellent report and a very good read!


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At first I thought 'another Chernobyl thread' but that is probably the best report I've read on here.

The ultimate explore, perfectly written. Great achievement to stay within the zone and escape after 5 days. Top stuff, thanks for posting!


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By far my most favourite report ive ever read, absolutely mesmerising and a fantastic tale. I must of told all my close ones of your adventure and the descisions you had to make, truly admireable. Insane mate, hats off to you :thumb


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Fucking top report that is :thumb. Really enjoyed reading through all of that and what an epic account of how this place should be done

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Wow just wow. Loved this so so much. What an epic explore. I read this yesterday and couldnt help but show my hubby, who doesnt explore. The lengths you all went to deserves a massive congrats. I dont know how the trophy system works, but I would say this deffo deserves one. :thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb


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Mate, I know when I see your name in a report it's going to be good, this is fucking phenomenal. I love the photography and the write-up is insanely good, to the point where I immediately won a share of my friends who have even the slightest interest in exploring or photography.
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