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Report - Elizabeth Line (Crossrail), London - 2015-18


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Wow, now that's what I call a long-term project. And loved the write up too. Tense, frustration, and excitement all rolled into one, and that's just reading it.


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This has got to be the best report ever posted on this forum, tremendous dedication. Thanks for sharing!


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Holy hell yes! What an appropriate time to post this and all!
I'd managed to push it to the back of my mind during the past 3 years of fuckery it's taken for them to finally open it :rofl To say I over-thought about the place for a few years is putting it mildly!

Huge thanks all for taking the time to read and comment :bob

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epic epic epic , I bow to your amazing knowledge , this has been an fantastic report top marks for all that effort :thumb

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I spent a lot of time working around Farringdon, and TCR, and every day wondered what was beneath my feet, or behind the hoarding. Fabulous report, great write up, superb images. Quality work from you and your mates. My cap is well and truly doffed.