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Report - Hewell Road Swimming Pool - Redditch, October 2013


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Visited with Clarence Trumble-Lovegod, Klee666 and richard8922, a pleasure to meet you all :)

By no means the most interesting place I've seen but it's another first on here. Had a blast having a look round something a bit different, in the pitch black and meeting people off the forum for the first time.
This first caught my eye after taking an alternative route home from work a few months ago. I heard a few people in various circles talking about this place so I mentioned it to Clarence Trumble-Lovegod who whilst on a rare home visit from Taiwan, did a solo scout and discovered it was safe except for one room containing a PIR.

Here's a bit of history from when it closed:

More than 100 years of history will come to an end on Sunday (January 29th 2012) when Hewell Road Swimming Pool closes its doors for the final time.

It marks the end of an era for the town as the pool is one of the oldest remaining parts of Redditch with local historians believing swimming has taken place on the site since at least the turn of the 20th Century. But while the pool will have a special spot in residents’ hearts - as for many it was, particularly schoolchildren, the first place they learnt to swim - little is known about its heritage.

The pool was originally outdoor and in 1908 resembled more of a lido than what stands there today, surrounded by just paving and fencing. In 1929, presumably on the instigation of the council at the time, a roof was added.

Over time the roof was filled in at the top to make it lower and the changing cubicles altered so they faced inwards away from the pool to offer more privacy. Most of the modernisation is thought to have taken place in the 1970s and 1980s.

But historians researching the pool’s history say many questions remain unanswered, including how it came into existence in the first place and who owned it.

Sorry for the poor photos, there wasn't much else to see except for the pump room and the pool. I had more fun taking group selfies and running around in an empty pool than getting amazing photos. It also highlighted my need for a new wide angle that is more capable in low light.... :banghead

Plans are for it to be demolished to build bungalows in its place, although I'm not sure when this is due to take place.

Exterior and pool shots taken from local newspapers...








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