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Report - - Lancaster Moor 03/04/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Lancaster Moor 03/04/08

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Thursday - April 3rd 2008...... The Great Asylum Road Trip '08' began.

Me, Pincheck and Cuban Bloodhound set off ....

15 sites planned .... 1400 miles to cover and six days to do it.... a tall order? Yes indeed but definately doable.

The first stop on the tour was Lancaster Moor.... planning to arrive at 9pm we arrived just an hour late.... not too bad.

Upon ariving a few drive pasts to scout the area and all we seen was a group of neds hanging around and a car looking for a way in just like us.

Parking the 'trusty steed' nearby we made our way to the moor.... what a sight when you finally get a good look at her. That tower is very very impressive.

More fun and games ensued when we realised security were doing rounds in a car by the back with a huge power blaster torch. Hiding for a bit then finally breaching the wall we made our way to the main building.

What a start to the tour it was ... set the tone really ... it looks dificult from a distance and when you get upclose it looks even more of a fortress... theres floodlights round the entire place making it nigh on imposible to stay in the shadows. Well anyways... we made our way to the entry point (big thank yous to Riddlers and Rooks for the access tips) and as we started to clamber in.... STOP!!!! Whats that noise .....? BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.... had we set of a PIR already? Cuban scouted ahead and came back to say it was a Fire Alarm Panel with a fault. PHEW ... so far so good.

Making our way through the place looking out for PIRs at every corner was slow going. We managed to get through most of the site on the second and third floors .... with the exception of the tower. We then made our way to the ground floor ... PIR City? hmmm we were about to find out....

first few minutes not a sign of any .... then we wandered into a small storage room to find a small PIR ... its not lit up we whispered ... then as we turned to walk away .... it flashed RED ... SH*T RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN.

Cue images of the three of us sprinting thru the corridors ... to the exit then sealing it back up. We hung around for a bit but didnt see security .... grabbed some external shots and left for site two ....whittingham.


Admin - Main Entrance

The Tower of Doom :)

The Main Hall - From the Ground

The Lights in the Light

The hall from above

Twin Baths

Group Shot

Corridor Shot - Note the Cathedral style Arches - they're everywhere on the site

Fire Point

From a Distance

The Rear

Security Wagon :)
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