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Report - Lostock Power Station, Northwich - April 2016


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28DL Full Member
The main focus when we went wasn't to take photos, just to check the place out, these were just the ones I happened to take whilst I was there. If I had gone to specifically take photos I would of got a lot more of the rest of the building's interior, and I would of taken my camera. Fair point though:rolleyes:


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28DL Full Member
Thank you!! :pAt first neither did I but we all went and it was fairly easy, just have to try and sneakily search for ways without getting caught ;) was a lucky night avoiding sight of the security hut though:thumb
Ahh. Without giving too much away, did you go in near canal bridge?


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28DL Full Member
Click on the Embed codes, copy the Image URL, click on the icon that looks like a mountain with a sun in the top left corner, paste the URL into the subsequent box, click ok and your picture will be displayed.
This site is so hard to work out , I'm new on here and go loads to post , but not a clue how to do it....
Wish someone would inbox me how to post lol.
I want to show my photos plus show I'm not security.


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Surely it's much better to explore this place in the daylight??