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Report - McEwan's Brewery, Edinburgh - February 2011


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nemo31 and I had a bit of a run around in this place the other week, great fun (despite the copious amounts of pigeon crap!) and, contrary to popular belief, still standing!

Just to head it off, a little bit of history about the site:
Wikipedia said:
William McEwan opened the Fountain Brewery in 1856, in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh. By the time it became in public company in 1889, the brewery was valued at £1 million. At the beginning of the 1900s, the brewery had a large share of the market throughout Scotland and north-east England, and was exporting to Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa. McEwan's merged with William Younger's Brewery (founded in Edinburgh in 1749) in 1931, becoming Scottish Brewers. The company merged again in 1960, joining with Newcastle Breweries to form Scottish & Newcastle.

In February 2004 Scottish & Newcastle announced the closure of McEwan's Brewery, at the same time as partially buying Caledonian Brewery in Slateford, Edinburgh. McEwan's brewery finally closed in June 2005, with production of the McEwan's keg beers being transferred to Caledonian and cans of McEwan's Export now being brewed in England at Dunston brewery
Finding a way in proved to be a little more difficult than the places I've been to in the past, but nemo said he'd been wanting to get into this place for the last 2 years, so he wasn't going to walk away...

After a little bit of innocent whistling and pacing around, we bit the bullet and made our entrance.

The first section we had a look at wasn't much, mostly rubble with nothing but a bathroom left standing at the far end. After a quick look at a row of smashed sinks and broken toilets, we decided to move on and see what the in-tact site had to offer.

When I heard about the tunnel system running under the site, I was fairly excited, and while I felt a little let down upon finding how small the tunnel actually was, I found comfort in reading the signs that had been put up to warn the general public!

While the tunnel was interesting in itself, harbouring bits of piping and machinery, I was aching to get to the other site and look around the standing buildings




This was probably not a good time to point out to nemo that I become slightly useless at heights...

After making our way to the second site, we made about ascending as many staircases as possible, seeing what views we could get.


... With a few worrying signs littering the stairwells.

While it was a little less impressive than I'd hoped, there were plenty of interesting areas to roam, taking us a good 4 hours to cover the majority of the site.




After a little bit of faffing about, we got up to the roof and had a bit of a rest, taking some time to sort out some panoramas and take in the sights!


Though we didn't make it all the way to the 3rd site in the end, it was definitely a good explore in my books! Very much hoping to do the final sections some time in the near future, before it's all brought to the ground.​

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