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Report - - Permanite Asphalt Ltd - July 2019 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Permanite Asphalt Ltd - July 2019

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
First report so let me know if owt needs fixing.

I know, this place again. I had to visit it though as I stumbled across it by total accident last year. I was blindly following google one evening in an attempt to get to the train station and, well, I was vastly unprepared for a walk in the dark; had no torch, a dying phone and was so creeped out by the buildings and massive cracks in the road that I thought I was going to die. I had assumed it was old farm buildings or the like, turns out it was Permanite Asphalt.

Brief History
Part of Cawdor Quarry, Permanite Asphalt manufactured a number of asphalt products.

Taken from the company's website via the Wayback Machine:
"Permanite Asphalt Limited is the major UK manufacturer of Mastic Asphalts operating from two plants on a national basis. The company has been successfully established since 1946 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ruberoid PLC, a group engaged principally in waterproofing systems and protective coatings.

Products include Mastic Asphalt for building, civil engineering, roads, footways and pavings to British Standard Specifications
BS 6925:1988 and BS 1447:1988. In addition a wide range of proprietary materials is produced to cover specialist applications within the construction industry, including Flood Defence and Asphalt and Concrete Crack Repair products. Permanite Asphalt has also been awarded with British Board of Agrement Certificates covering Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt products."

The Explore
Previously I accessed through one of two routes, both of these routes are now blocked off and I certainly couldn't get past (ymmv). I suspect Permanite won't be around much longer, the two blocked off routes are active building sites as there is housing being built. This meant the long way around for me. No security whatsoever, bumped into a few other explorers who were kind enough to offer some advice. Place is a bit burned out but still some nice bits to look at.

The Pictures
I'm not much of a tog and my camera is waiting repairs so these are smartphone specials. I'm an engineer so I really enjoyed seeing the remnants of machinery.