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hi there
my name is dylon, a local photographer and film maker based in norfolk, i came across photos of RAF neatishead on this site and nearly cried...here comes a story lol...

back in 2013, i decided to start writing a short horror film called the last day, then intrest in the project grew and so did the script...to the point we had enough material for a feature length film.
after months of planning and rewrites, we decided to try and get funding for the film...we failed...yay
so after a while a decided to rewrite ..again, so we could make this film on no budget, which is extremely difficult due to the nature of the script, but found ways around alot of what we needed to do, except 2 scenes...a control room and a military style blast door.
we searched hi and low for a location that had these elements, but no joy
the places we wanted were either still active, or wanted alot of money to film.
but then we found neatishead and it literally had everything we wanted and more.
so i sent off a email to the museum to find out if it was possible to film there , they agreed so long as we gave them a donation , gladly i accepted and made my way down to the base to check out what i had already seen on the internet....only when i got there, i was gutted.
they had the control room i needed...and that was it..i could not see no cool blast doors, or those long hallways ect, nothing of what i kept seeing on the net was simply not there.
so i asked the lady who ran the musem where all the cool stuff was...she had no idea, she did not even know who owned the plot of land behind the museum.
so i left, feeling lost and what felt like the beginning again.
we managed to film 35% of the film prior to this visit, winter hit, and filmi9ng stopped.
all we have so far is a finished script ( from 12 drafts ) a teaser trailer and a prologue trailer to the film.
we will finish this film this year, even if we cant find the locations we need..but of course would be so awesome to get the shoots originally written.

can anyone help me in someway, help me finish this film, and get me to that base?

many thanks
M.D. Knight


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Well, they're out there. Maybe somebody could advise what ROTORs are open at the moment?


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Well, they're out there. Maybe somebody could advise what ROTORs are open at the moment?
That would be great if someone could help me out, its been hell looking and when I finally did find the perfect location, I can't seem to get any info as to whom I should talk to for permission :/