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Report - Pool - Parc Hospital. Ruthin. Wales. November 2013


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Hi all :)
Post number 2 hopefully?this one concerning the old Pool - Parc Hospital, The second subject of the day of my solo mini "North Wales" trip.

The history of this place is extensive. Originally being one of five Deer parks that were part of Ruthin Castle estates back in the day Owned by the Salisbury family in the 1500"s amongst others such as Sir Walter Bagot who was a prominent Staffordshire Barrister, and the house was rebuilt it its current incarnation between 1826-29 as a residence for the 2nd lord Bagot. Again added to @ 1862 in mock Tudor half timbered style , with no expense spared! The staircase was rumoured to have come from a former Bishops residence in Clocaenog.

The Bagots ironically lost the house as the result of a lost bet at the races, and the estate was quickly sold.The lions share went to a local timber merchant who wasted no time in felling the surrounding forest. Around this time the house was leased to Sir Henry Tate of Tate & Lyle fame.

It was then acquired by the local Health Authority in the mid 1930"s who intended to convert it to a convalescent home for 80 patients. This increased to 120 during the 2nd World War when a POW camp was also built on the estate. Following the war it returned to it"s former usage until 1949 when it became a Mental Hospital/Asylum ? and used to relieve pressure on the North Wales Asylum at Denbigh, which was creaking at the seems. At this time female patients were also treated.

Following the Countrywide Asylum closures, Pool-Parc closed in 1989.

It"s present owner, according to reports was stopped from exporting the interior timber panels and staircase, and the house is rapidly falling apart following lead theft along with other metal theft of pipes and fixings etc. Some floors have collapsed already and it"s quite open to the elements. Which is sad especially as this is another grade 2 listed building!

Arrived late in the afternoon, later than expected after hours in Calcott Hall and the Sat-nav doing it"s usual trick of sending me via every single track trail in North Wales instead of main roads :banghead. With not much daylight remaining, not that it matters much when most of pool-Parc is in darkness :) hence lots of light painting and long exposure pics.

That"s the thing that strikes me after seeing previous reports on Asylums etc, you"re never ready for how dark these places really are as everyone"s pics are all lit nicely like it"s daytime, then someone complains the pics are not natural..... so you want a black image ?? lol

Whilst i was inside and gaining my night vision ( NOT) some bodies appeared around the already open entrance point, but obviously either had no torches or inclination for further investigation. Although i was dreading a re-boarding to take place which got the heart beating a little bit lol

As mentioned above lots of metal theft as per usual which with water ingress has made some of the upper floors dangerous ( especially in the dark ) one thing i"ve not seen mentioned in other reports is that "Bats" are present in at least one of the "your not risking going in there, are you " rooms, which maybe someone could but to good use if someone decides on a demo order ?

So a short and sweet explore with the sun setting as i made my way back to my car for my trip over to Denbigh for a re-visit and additional post :)

Hopefully decent enough pics for you ? Took loads on 2 different cameras so lots to choose from.

Regards A-R


Pool - Parc Asylum.


Interior 1


Interior 2


Room with a View 1


The Staircase 1


The Staircase 2


Corridor 1


Corridor 2




Trashed Room




Room with a View 2!


The View!


Reverse view


Corridor 3


Radiator 1


Radiator 2


"Welcome to my Nightmare "
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