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Report - PYESTOCK In Sahara...Video

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For those of you who didnt know...NGTE Pyestock was used in the film Sahara as some kind of powerplant...

I had a quick shufty though the film and took out all the clips of Pyestock and compiled them together...It makes no sence as a story so you will have to watch the film if you want to know whats going on, but I think its quite interesting..

Notes in order of apperance...
  • The tracks that the "waste" is traveling on before being picked up and lifted onto the furnace is still looks out of place because its the only thing thats going rusty...
  • Im not sure if those underground tunnels that the forklift truck goes down are actually at pyestock...anyone know?
  • When the two people are talking in the office...look whats outside the window behind them...

...Here are some photos I took...its kinda cool to have been on a "film set"

Pretty obvious where this fits in...

This one is taken from inside the "burner" where they are loading in the waste near the beggining of the clips..