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Video Report - Royal Navy Military Hospital tunnels Malta

Pierre Farrugia

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Hello all,
I am from Malta and love to explore underground. This time I went in an underground complex of tunnels under a british Hospital that lately was used as a mushroom factory. Hope you enjoy as I do seeing many other posts here

Here is my video. Any wish to add some advice will be welcome as I am new to this .




I'll send you an invite for the video section, it might throw up an error, but just ignore

Bertie Bollockbrains

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@AlexUrbex1 there's loads of urbex on Malta, and I have many malta reports up on the forum if you serach. Still loads of sites not yet done PM me for details if you are off out there anytime soon.

regarding the above tunnels, here's the survey....

@Pierre Farrugia there's a very interesting mortuary topside of these tunnels... located near the turning circle on the public road


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Nice. Yes I guess it such a strategic location for control of the med. I will have to look back on your old stuff. Would love to travel out, will PM if I ever manage it :)