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Report - S.S.S.I - Manchester - September 09


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In the ghetto of Manchester myself, LittleMike, ConcreteJungle and MrA rocked up with an elaborate plan for this drain.

Let this be a warning to you - never plan too much. Short of the outfall we were edging down a muddy slope, passing an innocent pile of bushes on the floor

"ow what the fuck was that some creature just bit me"

"....oh a wasp..."

"....oh fuck more wasps..."


It turned out we were stood no more than a foot from this nest, buried in the ground. It was every man for himself and we all ran like fuck with them swarming after us. We hit the path....Where the fuck was CJ?

MrA watched the bags while Mike and I sprinted back into the trees looking for CJ who we feared had fallen down the slope and now lied slumped over, foaming at the mouth.....fortunately he'd ran the other way and he made it over to our side. A few bags had been left behind - my waders not so far in, and more importantly - CJ's camera bag.

On examining and comparing battle scars me and CJ had fared the worst with 10+ stings each in areas including crotch, armpit and head. None of us were allergic, thank fuck....but we had to get CJ's bag back which was understandably dropped about 2m from the nest. There was only 1 solution to recover the bag:

Begin- operation pro fukken urBeXoRR


With that done with, we were not going to let some bastard insects put us off so a comedy manhole entrance was in order....the 70 year old boozehound drinking out of his tescos bag on the park bench seemed amused, at least.

SSSI stands for slightly skanky smelly interceptor. Or something....I cant really remember. It had an awesome penstock and strangely, wooden barriers to increase the overflow height required for the sewer. Determined to get a good picture of it after all the hassle, we set up some lights and snapped away:


Worth it, I think....

Then the plan came into play. I won't go into details but it was decided it was a fucking bad idea and promptly abandoned. All in all, not a bad trip. From now on I am going to be a little bit paranoid going through bushes to drains....

Warning: bastard wasps at SSSI entrance, wait until winter or go another way if you want to see this place....

and here is a tasty morsel from later in the day in Manchester (not the same system!)
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Ouch - they do say that great artists must suffer for their beliefs!

(not quite sure that's what they mean though)



Lovely, SSSI looks great - unlucky about the stings though!

That second explore looks nice. :)


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not good on the stings, but I guess its these things that make adventures more memorable.

Is that last pic somewhere new? Looks class.


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28DL Full Member
Haha, another brilliant day. And what a surprise at the end, that chamber just dwarfs anything I've ever seen by...a lot :eek:

Hope your stings have gone down, my 2 (lol) have reduced to a mildly annoying itch.

I really should stop carrying round 2 cameras all day not taking any photos. Here my 1 shot from the Medlock culvert
I just noticed the high poo mark on the pillars, too. Holy fuck lol....

One of the nicest medlock shots I've seen, very nice! Shame about the tree, though....


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Quality pics toothdoctor & LittleMike, the last place looks like a beast, is a well good find. Cheers to everyone for help with the recovery opp, my stings itching like bastards now, keep finding new ones :mad:. Comedy afternoon, nice one lads!



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