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Report - St Josephs Seminary - 04.11.06


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WOW, is all I can say about this place, stunning that the place has so much left...really something else..mindblowing!

We were unfortunately not blessed with a fantastic days weather..however some of my photographs I was reasonably happy with..and I need to get back to this place, its proper 28 days later scenario, everyone has just upped and gone...

the place makes noises all the time, when we were both standing still, there was bumps and squeaks happening all over the place..

really great place, hopefully I have captured it a little differently to the other reports..





















turk ;)



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they wont be there now?,
9 yrs since this thread.
I know they aren't there anymore :) That room is empty now but just wondering what actually happened to them, wonder if they were removed legitimately or destroyed or what.. I bet there used to be lots of interesting bits and bobs in that building that are lost now


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People complained as the stuff in there had been donated and they were a tad annoyed donated stuff had just been left to rot. I'm not sure if it was the actual trigger for it being cleaned out but at the time people claimed that was the reason.


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So nice to see it before it was on the radar.
It was on the 'radar' however the exploring community was about a tenth of the size it seems to be today back then. You could post something up on here and you'd be surprised if more than a few people followed you - just look at the length of time between reports on places back in 2006-2010 or so. it was more of a niche thing instead of this popular past time it seems to have become of late. If you do a search on here, you'll find there's probably about a dozen reports from there from 2006 when it first popped up until 2010 or so. There's been more reports from here this year than that entire time period. It's this sort of this that people are getting at when they say get out there and find new stuff, because this has all be covered before, many many times, but that as they say is a debate for another day.


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Would be good if there could be a section on the forum for early explores of well known places like this, its really nice to see how these places looked in the early days when you guys first cracked them :)

I hear this place is pretty well sealed up now, spikey fences all around the perimeter... around a week after someone posted a video of the access point to youtube sadly :(


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@Maniac i totally see your point. I 'discovered it' by accident in the summer when looking for a place to drive too when I first got my car.
I couldn't believe that this giant building hidden behind the trees was empty.
I then came home and tried to find out what it was called and came across this forum and fell into the hobby.

With a modern growing society where towns and cities are being redeveloped all the time. I guess it's harder and harder to find new places to explore.


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With a modern growing society where towns and cities are being redeveloped all the time. I guess it's harder and harder to find new places to explore.
Not really, you just have to want to spend time looking. There's a ton of stuff just waiting to be discovered.