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Report - St Josephs Seminary Chapel Upholland, 2018


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Yesterdays saw a revisit with escteric eric to St Josephs and we managed to do the church that has alluded me for years

St Joseph’s Seminary at Upholland opened in 1883, the first phase was built to a design by James O’Bryne. Set amongst a backdrop of copse and wildwood amidst gently sloping fields, the buildings are flanked with rough-hewn stone. An upper and lower lake are separated by a gentle and soothing waterfall. The 150 acres of land the seminary is built upon had been purchased at auction in 1877. The grandeur of the chapels, meeting rooms, fixtures and fittings was unbelievable.
The seminary was closed during WW1 and reopened in 1919 along with a junior seminary. The second phase of construction commenced in 1923. The design was in a different style to the original buildings, however it was equally as grand. Landscaped gardens and sports facilities were also completed by 1927. A new chapel was added in 1930 along with 14 sub chapels. The final addition to the site was a science block.

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scotty markfour

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28DL Full Member
congratulations on getting into the church !....it was alarmed when i did it in 2015....did you manage to evade security ? have you done the rest of st joeys ?

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